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Why We Age
As we age, energy plummets, skin starts to wrinkle, muscles get weak, and our bones become brittle. These are typical signs of a decrease in growth hormone (GH). GH reaches its peak around the age of 20 and begins to plummet at about age 25, marking the start of the dreaded aging process. SOMADERM® provides a unique and affordable supplement designed to support your pituitary gland to bring your hormone production closer to youthful levels. This non-invasive transdermal gel is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is available without a prescription. Maintain your youth with SOMADERM Gel
What are the benefits of SomaDerm?
With its simple application and unique ingredients, SomaDerm can secure your body’s answer to aging. Youthful levels of Human Growth Hormone can boost strength and exercise performance, speed up recovery times and are related to body fat levels.



What Is SOMADERM® Gel? New U Life’s SOMADERM is a somatropin transdermal gel with homeopathic glandulars and botanicals. Somatropin is a synthetic growth hormone that mirrors the natural growth hormone produced in your pituitary gland. SOMADERM is 100% safe and effective for men and women over the age of 18 and is available without a prescription. In order to be FDA registered, SOMADERM Gel contains somaptropin diluted to a 30X dose. Any less of a dilution would make SOMADERM Gel avaiable only by a prescription. SOMADERM also includes Glandula Suprarenalis Suis 6X to support proper adrenal function and Thyroidinum 8X to support a healthy thyroid. SOMADERM Gel is applied topically and absorbs directly in the bloodstream. Growth hormone supplements taken orally are shown to be ineffective, as they are easily destroyed by the enzymes in the saliva and gut. Therefore, due to its transdermal delivery, SOMADERM is superior to other non-prescriptive growth hormone supplements on the market.


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