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Ozonated Water Flosser

I’m releasing a limited production run of these ozonated water flossers for my existing clients. This flosser represents a huge step forward for home oral health and has a reservoir large enough that you can use it in your dental practice.

Allow 3 weeks for delivery.



Advantages of an Ozonated Water Flosser!

Keeping the mouth clean has always been very important for good health! It is the orifice through which all of our food and nutrition enter our bodies. The days of just brushing and occasionally flossing aren’t enough anymore. We now know the importance of the interaction of our mouths and our gut as a part of our immune system and staying healthy. We know that acidity in our mouths can lead to disease and breakdown. So, any modality that increases the pH or makes the mouth more alkaline will reduce the pathogen population and hence reduce the amount and degree of dental problems going into the future. 

A device that many people are using now is a water flosser or commonly a water pik! This device uses a stream of water to reduce the bacterial population that harbors between the teeth. We have added a new, incredible feature to the traditional water flosser! The revolutionary aspect to this device is that it combines the strong antimicrobial action of ozonated water in a water flosser! It has benefits that take mouth care to a new, higher level. 


Enhanced Antimicrobial Action: 

Ozone is a strong oxidant that has shown to be effective against microbes. When put into the water flow of a flosser, it can effectively kill germs like bacteria and fungi in our mouths. 


Reduction in Plaque and Tartar: 

One of the main jobs of flossing is to get rid of plaque and stop it turning into tartar. The mix of a water force and ozone in a flosser that uses ozonated water gives a double whammy to the bad bugs! The water flow pushes away food particles and build-up in the hard to get at places, while ozone breaks down the slimy bacteria for a superior cleaning. 


Promotion of Gum Health and Fresh Breath:  

Using a water flosser with ozonated water every day can help make your gums healthier. It reduces swelling, gets rid of bad germs and allows more blood flow to them.  Ozone in water

flossers fights bacteria that can cause bad breath and odors. This makes your breath feel fresh, smell fresh and last a lot longer.


Gentle and Comfortable Experience:

Unlike normal floss methods that might hurt or irritate, ozonated water cleaners give a soft and relaxing feeling. The water that moves with strength and the helpful power of ozone leaves a fresh feeling.


Versatility and Convenience: 

This water flosser with ozone is made to fit into the daily habits of everyone!  With it’s handy travel bag, it makes it perfect to take on every trip away from home. A water flosser with ozone is a new way to keep your mouth clean using ozone! This tool helps keep our teeth and gums clean, helps our breath smell fresh and stops germs in their tracks!. It is gentle on your mouth and easy to use! Get healthier and step up to the new ozone revolution!

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

Black, Cream, Green, Lilac, Sky Blue


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