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Ozonated Plain Chapstick



Keep your lips protected and moisturized with our Ozonated Plain Chapstick. Crafted from ozonated oil, this lip balm offers all the natural benefits of ozonides to nourish, protect, and heal your lips. Sold in packs of 10, our chapsticks are perfect for anyone seeking effective lip care without any added flavors or fragrances.

Our Ozonated Plain Chapstick harnesses the healing power of ozone in a convenient, easy-to-apply format. The ozonated oil in the chapstick forms ozonides – molecules known for their potent healing abilities. These molecules repair the delicate skin on your lips, promoting the recovery of chapped or cracked lips. Beyond that, it keeps your lips moisturized, shielding them from dryness or damage caused by the elements.

The Plain variant of our chapstick is designed for those who prefer a fragrance-free and flavor-free lip care solution. It focuses solely on the beneficial properties of ozonated oil, providing potent lip care without any distractions. Whether you’re sensitive to flavors and fragrances or simply prefer to keep things plain and simple, our Ozonated Plain Chapstick is your choice.

As an added feature, we offer the option to personalize these chapsticks. We can print your name, address, or a unique message onto the chapstick, making it an ideal gift or promotional item.

Experience the transformative effects of ozonated oil on your lips with our Ozonated Plain Chapstick. It’s the uncomplicated, effective lip care solution you’ve been searching for. Order your pack today!

Ozone oils offers Ozonated Plain Chapstick.

Order in multiples of 10ct.

These Chapsticks can be personalized with your name and address or other information. (Please type out what info you would like on tube in the special notes window of the cart page.)

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 6 in
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