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15 ct. Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories



Discover the remarkable healing properties of our Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories. This pack contains 15 suppositories, each crafted with care to provide targeted relief and support for various health concerns.

Our suppositories are made with pure and organic olive oil that has undergone a specialized ozonation process. This process infuses the olive oil with ozone, forming ozonides, which possess exceptional healing properties.

Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories offer a convenient and effective delivery method for rectal or vaginal use. They are designed to be easy to insert, ensuring a gentle and soothing experience.

These suppositories provide many potential benefits, including supporting detoxification, promoting tissue repair, soothing irritation, and maintaining a healthy microbial balance. Whether seeking relief from discomfort, supporting digestive health, or promoting overall well-being, our Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories are a natural and holistic solution.

With 15 suppositories in each pack, you have an ample supply to incorporate into your wellness routine. Our suppositories are carefully crafted using organic and high-quality ingredients, ensuring purity and effectiveness.

Experience the power of ozonated olive oil with our Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories. Embrace the natural healing properties of this unique formulation, designed to provide targeted support and relief. Trust in the benefits of ozone therapy for your well-being.

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