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Ozonated Body Cream 8.0 ounces



Embrace our Ozonated Body Cream’s nourishing and revitalizing benefits, meticulously crafted in an 8.0-ounce tub. This luxurious body cream harmoniously blends premium organic ingredients to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while promoting its overall health.

Each jar of our body cream contains a power-packed blend of Certified Organic Oils of Mango, Hemp, Coconut, and Shea Butter. These ingredients are known for their rich moisture content, skin-enhancing nutrients, and antioxidants that work synergistically to soothe dryness, reduce signs of aging, and give your skin a soft, glowing appearance.

The star of our formula is our Ozonated Coconut and Ozonated Jojoba oil. These oils are subject to a unique ozonation process. The chemical structure is transformed to include ozonides, compounds known for their potent healing properties. This adds an extra layer of protection and rejuvenation to your skin, enhancing the cream’s benefits.

This body cream, enhanced with Tocopherol and Rosemary Seed Extract, enriches your skin with essential vitamins and robust antioxidants. These ingredients offer a protective barrier against environmental stressors while helping maintain your skin’s natural vibrancy.

Our Ozonated Body Cream is more than just a hydrating treat for your skin. It’s a comprehensive skincare solution with natural goodness, designed to keep your skin looking its best. Whether you have a dry skin type or want to give your skin some extra love, this body cream is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.

Our signature ozonated body cream blend is made using organic ingredients: Certified Organic Oils of Mango, Hemp, Coconut, Shea Butter, Ozonated Coconut, Ozonated Jojoba, Tocopherol, Rosemary Seed Extract.

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