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Ozonated Avocado Oil



Experience the potent blend of nature and science with our Ozonated Avocado Oil. Crafted from certified organic avocado oil and pure medical-grade ozone, this product offers a fusion of healthful benefits. It is a perfect addition to your wellness and beauty regimen.

Our Ozonated Avocado Oil is derived from high-quality, certified organic avocados. We utilize a meticulous ozonation process that transforms the oil’s molecular structure to contain ozonides. These compounds possess a remarkable range of health benefits.

The secret to the potency of our ozonated oils lies in the transformation process. When we bubble ozone into our organic avocado oil, it changes the chemical structure to a ring form, creating ozonides. The more double bonds present in the initial oil, the more ozonides will be incorporated, and hence, the stronger the oil’s healing properties.


Certified Organic Vegetable Oil: We use high-quality, certified organic avocado oil as our base oil, ensuring you receive the purest product.

Pure Medical Grade Ozone: We incorporate medical-grade ozone in our oils, providing optimal potency for health and beauty benefits.

Potential Oxidative Index (POI): The strength of our ozonated oils is measured using a POI. This index quantifies the oils’ strength in comparison to other oils, indicating their healthful potency.


Skin Health: Ozonated Avocado Oil is perfect for your skincare regimen. It supports skin health, offering nourishment and rejuvenation.

Enhanced Healing Properties: The ozonation process imbues the oil with enhanced healing properties. The more ozonides present, the more potent the oil.

Holistic Wellness: This oil offers a range of benefits, from promoting healthier skin to supporting overall well-being.

The Ozonated Avocado Oil is a testament to the synergy between nature’s bounty and scientific ingenuity. Add this versatile product to your health and beauty routines and experience the transformative power of ozone.

All Ozonated Avocado Oils are made from certified organic vegetable oils and pure medical grade ozone. They are a great addition to your health or beauty routines.

All oils, upon ozonation, lose their intrinsic properties. They vary depending on the amount of ozone that can be incorporated within them. The amount of ozone incorporated into our organic oils is dependent on the number of omega fatty acids in each particular oil. Some oils have more double bonds in their chemical structures than other oils. When ozone is bubbled into oils, the chemical structure actually changes to a ring form called an ozonide. The more double bonds that the intrinsic oil has, the more ozonides that will incorporate into that oil. The more ozonides that are within a particular oil will determine how strong that ozonated oil in it’s healing properties. A relative number called a Potential Oxidative Index (POI) is used to quantify the strengths of the oils in comparison to the other oils.

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