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Encapsulated Ozonated Olive Oil Capsules



Elevate your wellness routine with Encapsulated Ozonated Olive Oil Capsules. Our product offers a harmonious blend of ozone and premium olive oil and is expertly formulated to provide various health benefits.

Each jar contains 60 vegetable-based capsules, each filled with ozonated olive oil exhibiting a POI index of 90, denoting a mild yet effective formulation. Encapsulation makes the oil easy to ingest and provides an exact dosage, removing the guesswork from your wellness routine.

Features & Benefits:

Superior Quality: Our capsules contain high-quality ozonated olive oil, offering the perfect fusion of olive oil’s natural nutrients and the power of ozone.

Convenient and Precise: Forget about the hassle of measuring dosages. Our encapsulated oil ensures you receive the perfect amount every time, with no mess or wastage.

Broad Spectrum Benefits: Ozonated olive oil is revered for its potential benefits, including promoting skin health, supporting the immune system, and contributing to overall well-being.

Pure and Natural: We pride ourselves on purity and simplicity. Our capsules contain no animal or artificial products, making them suitable for vegetarians and those who prefer a natural approach to their health.

Easy to Incorporate: One or two capsules daily as part of your health routine can help you experience the benefits of ozonated olive oil.

Trustworthy and Transparent: We believe in full transparency and stand behind our products. We invite you to visit our sister site to purchase this product and explore our full range of ozonated products.

Ozonated olive oil (POI index 90- mild) encapsulated in vegetable capsules. 60 count jar. No animal or artificial products. is now selling all encapsulated ozonated products through our sister site. Please click here to purchase this product.

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Weight 10.00 oz
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