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Biosure Ozonated Thermos Bottle

What is Electrolytic Ozone?

Electrolytic ozone is created by passing an electrical current through water to break the oxygen (O₂) molecules into oxygen atoms (O).

The free oxygen atoms can then combine with oxygen molecules to form O₃. The O₃ made in this way is useful for a number of different applications

and is a powerful sanitizing agent for cleaning water, water systems, and other machinery.

This method is very simple, efficient, and effective. Electrolytic ozone is especially useful for sanitizing water systems to create clean, microbe-free water.

Because the ozone can be created inside the water system, contamination is kept to a minimum and can be well managed and controlled.




Biosure ozonated thermos bottle can be used to disinfect anything! From countertops to hands to food, it truly is all-purpose!

Plug it in, the light turns red. When the light turns blue, the water is ozonated and ready for use!

You can  use the thermos cap and carry it with you to drink out of wherever you are!

This is exciting technology! No other product in the world is using this technology to make ozonated water!

This technology breaks apart the water molecule and uses the oxygen atoms to form ozone and ozonated water!