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Bring Ozone Dentistry

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Improve patient care, attract new patients, reduce cavities and periodontal disease through the use of Ozone therapies in your office!

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As Dentists, we would rather be true healthcare providers rather than tooth technicians! We have learned to amputate tissues rather than to try and regenerate them.

Dentistry has historically been reactive and amputative. A patient comes in with a cavity. We drill a hole and fill the cavity. A patient comes into our office for their “routine  cleaning” and learns that they have gum disease. We tell them to brush and floss and see us every three months and things SHOULD get better.

They still come in on recall with bleeding gums and pocketing. They may still get a new cavity regularly.

If we use ozone, the pathogen population will reduce, pockets will reduce, bleeding will reduce, pain and irritation will reduce, gums will feel better, patients will feel better!

We have been taught to be a reactive profession. Why not be a proactive, regenerative clinician? Ozone is a wonderful start down this path!


We all have a about 120 different bacterial species in our mouths. Most are good actors, a few are black hats! Our goal is to reduce the numbers of black hats and overwhelm them
with the white hats!

So, in essence, we have been taught to maintain our patient’s disease state.

And this has been the prevailing dental attitude for a long long time!

If ozone can kill bugs, it makes patients realize that they have a pathogen population in their mouths and they better do more than just brushing and some occasional flossing.

Who really wants to walk around with bacteria and fungi pooping in their mouths?

If we can reduce the pathogen population, the patient’s dental issues are reduced or diminished. They are more healthy, they feel better, they don’t have to spend as much money “fixing” a whole bunch of problems!

We can change things!

We can change the way that dentistry is delivered and we can help change our patient’s attitude towards their oral care and health!

In this way, the practice of dentistry truly becomes art, science and a part of the whole body health!

Ozone has been around a very long time!

Ozone was discovered in 1840, and in the 1850’s, it was being used in healthcare to disinfect operating rooms and sterilize surgical instruments.

Then, Ozone was brought to the dental realm in 1932 by E.A. Fisch, to aid in oral disinfection and wound healing during after dental surgeries.

It went out of vogue in this country in the mid 1930’s and came back into favor in the mid 90’s. That’s why you haven’t heard much about dental ozone in the past!

Well, that has changed and will change for the better!benefit of everyone!

Which is where we come in….

What are the benefits of using Ozone in dental care?

Well, so many that it seems to be almost magical!


So, what is involved in implementing Ozone Therapies in your office? Very simple!​

We try to make it as easy as possible!

I can come to your office and train your entire team at one time! Everyone is on the same page and understands how to use it, what the cautions are, how to charge for it and the true value of it!

You can purchase the video series and learn at your own pace and leisure! You will still receive ozone certification after proving competency.

There truly is no reason not to learn about ozone therapies!

What To Expect

In our two consecutive day course you will learn:

  •  about the history, science and applications of ozone in all dental procedures. 
  • how to use all of the necessary equipment and supplies. 
  • You will be able to use your new knowledge to apply to patients with our guidance. 
  • We will coach your entire team to utilize it in every procedure, be able to bill for it appropriately and to explain it simply to all of your patients. 
  • BEST OF ALL: You should be able to start fully utilizing it on Monday morning!

Ongoing Support

  • We source all the necessary equipment to generate ozone gas and water that you may need. 
  • You will have access to a variety of ozonated oils that you will be able to use in your office. We want you to be able to use ozone therapy on every patient, every day!
  • You will have email and phone contact numbers so that you and your team will all understand and correctly implement ozone therapy. 
  • You will be in a supportive and knowledgeable environment. There will be others who have implemented ozone therapy in their offices and we will share experiences and knowledge through email forums and ozone conferences.

The course is worth 14 CE credits and is AGD code 162.

NOTE: Training is for the entire office.  Then ensures everyone is on the same page when communicating with patients.  For offices larger than 10 individuals, a surplus charge will come into effect

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Passionate about ozone dental therapy and how it can help patients become more healthy!

Eric Zaremski, DDS, OFM, FACE is a general dentist practicing In Marin County. He practices all aspects of dentistry with minimally invasive techniques and utilizes ozone therapy. He graduated from University of the Pacific/Dugoni School of Dentistry in 1999. He has sponsored and mentored many community dental days where hundreds of children and adults have been treated without cost. He stays abreast of new technologies and incorporates them into his own practice. He is a fellow in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics and belongs to numerous other organizations including the IAOMT, IABDM, HDA, AGD, AACD, AAPDM, ADA, CDA. He is a certified oral facial mycologist and a member of IAOM. He has been using ozone therapy in his dental practice for over twelve years. He teaches other dentists and their teams how to implement ozone dental therapy in their own offices. He has coauthored a book on laser effects in dentistry and two articles on the uses of ozone in dentistry to help heal diseases. He has helped found several companies having to do with ozone and ozone therapies. Currently, he owns a company that manufactures and sells ozonated oils, ozonated oil products, encapsulated ozonated oils and ozonated pet products, and high quality lyophilized exosomes.




$8600 + 14  CE and AGD Credits


$3250 + CE and AGD Credits

Reverse Risk
Payment is not due today.  First, book a discovery call with Dr. Zaremski.  Then a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to hold your spot (if choosing an in person training). The remainder of the cost will be due 7 days before Dr. Zaremski  flies out.  

If you’re purchasing the online, virtual training, you still need to book a discovery call with Dr. Zaremski to discuss the differences between the 2 programs and how certification works remotely. Also, we want to make sure that the video course is a good fit for you and your practice. After that, full purchase will be required before access to the portal is granted.  

Here’s the thing:

Patients are starting to specifically look for dentists that do ozone therapy. Here is a Statistic: Just in the last 10 years, the search volume for “Ozone Therapy” has tripled as per Google Trends.  It’s time to bring this to your patients >>>