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Holistic Dental Association Meeting in Chicago

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Holistic Dental Association meeting in Chicago during the last week of March. I was also asked to speak there. Even though the Cubs won the Series, I still enjoyed visiting this beautiful city!

There were over 100  like minded dentists from all over the US. They were there to gain knowledge about subjects like blood protein therapies, airway and sleep health, kinesiology and homeopathy in the dental offices regenerative endodontics (healing injured nerves and not having to do a root canal), oral function , pregnancy, tongue-tie and breastfeeding and how those relate to oral development of the child.

I came away with an appreciation for all of my forward thinking  colleagues who are using these techniques and materials that help allow our patients to become more healthy. We heard from dentists as well as physicians in exploring the possibilities of creating networks of health care providers who strive to provide optimal care.

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