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Ozone in Dentistry – An Interview with Eric Zaremski, DDS

What is ozone and why is it used in holistic dentistry? Ozone is a form of oxygen that has three oxygen atoms in its molecule instead of the usual two oxygen atoms. As such, ozone tends to give off a negatively charged oxygen single atom that kills germs. It has found use in dentistry and medicine […]

New study suggests antibiotics can weaken the immune system BIOLOGY

As more strains of bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, scientists are warning that we could soon return to the “dark ages of medicine,” where our drugs are ineffective against even the most basic of infections. While investigating the side effects of antibiotics and how bacteria can develop resistance to them, researchers from MIT and Harvard […]

Holistic Dental Association Meeting in Chicago

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Holistic Dental Association meeting in Chicago during the last week of March. I was also asked to speak there. Even though the Cubs won the Series, I still enjoyed visiting this beautiful city! There were over 100  like minded dentists from all over the US. They […]